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Artist's Way
Week 1


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This page is Under Construction. Please come back after January 14.

Recovering a Sense of Safety

"This week initiates your creative recovery. You may feel both giddy and defiant, hopeful and skeptical." The focus of astablishing a sense of safety will "enable you to explore your creativity with less fear."

* * * Art Idea * * *

Julia suggested determining your personal price tag for being an artist -- what are those things you think you will lose or will suffer if you consider yourself an artist? Some things Julia mentioned were related to how you perceive others will think of you or how you will think of yourself based on misconceptions of what an artist is.

If you find that you have a mental or emotion price tag attached to being an artist, you might find it healing to create some price tags. Draw price tags or use the mailing tags that are often used in tag art. Draw, write, or glue on to the tag things that symbolize the price you expect you will pay for being an artist.

To balance out this activity, get a shopping bag (or draw one) and place in symbols of the non-tangible things you will gain by embracing your art. Attach the price tag to your bag.

Leave your art somewhere safe, but where you can get to it. Throughout the upcoming weeks, take it out again. See how your "price" and "purchases" have changed. You may even want to revise this piece of art to reflect your new attitude.