Vein of Gold

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The journey has begun! On Monday, April 29th, almost 30 netizens took their first step on the Vein of Gold path with motivation and excitement.

The first hill we met was the Narrative Time Line. For some, this is quite a challenge. To others, it looks like Mount Everest. It's a do-able task if you have the time, energy, and positive outlook.

Completing the time line, you will find yourself seated on the top of a mountain with great perspective over your life. You will see more clearly all that you have been through and how it formed the person you have become. With this wisdom, you will be able to make better choices for your life.

If you are just finding this website, it is not too late to join us. As we continue our travels, the helpful information and resources will remain available. So if you can't start with us now, you can start whenever you are ready.

How can I meet the other members of the group?

This Vein-of-Gold group gathers at a message board to share experiences, insights, and support. So, hop on over to the message boards and post an introduction. You'll find quite a few interesting and exciting people!

Weekly Chats

Click on the "Chat Now!" box below to get to our weekly chats. We meet at 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesdays.

Don't worry if you have never used a chat room before. Everyone is new at some time. We'll help you figure it out.

Members of the Vein of Gold group should be sure to bookmark this page. This will be the main site that will have links to our discussions, articles, chat room, file area, and anything else related to the Vein of Gold. Please check this page and the message boards often for announcements and further discussions.


Helpful Links

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Ideas for Artist's Dates

Narrative Time Line


Here are a few files you may find helpful. They are saved as Microsoft Word documents. Both Windows and Mac users should be able to read them via Word.

Creativity Commitment

This file is the same text that appears in the Vein of Gold. I thought it might be helpful to be able to print it out and post it some place where you can see it on a daily basis. It will remind you of the agreement you have made.

Time Line Notes

Need some help taking notes for your Narrative Time Line? This file gives you all the basic questions and gives you space to jot notes for each of the 5-year periods. This file is set to run sideways on a regular sheet of paper. You may need to change the print set-up on your computer for your printer to print it this way.

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