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Ya-Ya Sisters!!!
Missi E


Missi E | Maaike | Shari | Raphael | Ashley

Duchess Crazy as a Loon

My ya-ya name is Dutchess Crazy-As-A-Loon, and I think that's pretty accurate! I have done crazy things in
my life!

I've been through a lot with guys. I went out
with a guy for a year and a half who mentally and
physically abused me. Our relationship was fine until
I went away to college. I was only 20 minutes away
but he didn't like that I was on a co-ed floor. He
was always accusing me of cheating and started hitting
me and threatening to kill me. By then I had already
lost friends from the endo pain and from him being so
jealous even with my friends...he was basically all I
had left. It was scary, but I was also having major
problems at home and he had his own apartment so I
could stay with him when school was on break. I
finally got the courage and support from my friends
(the one's who stuck around..although they didn't
belive me at first) and I left him.

I grew up with all boys, and always found it easier to
talk to my guy friends. I don't have many
girl-friends, but I really want more. I think this
lmao is a wonderful way to do that! I have so much
more to say, but then everyone would already know me
and we wouldn't have much to talk about!!!

I am a good candidate for the sisterhood because I am able to form strong bonds with people and hold on to them for a long time. I have known my best friend since I was for 16 years! I love and cherish all of my friends, because they have each left marks on my
heart. I will do anything in my power for my friends
who will do the same for me.

You asked what scars we have that give us strength and
make us unique. Well...I have a lot! I was diagnosed
with endometriosis in 1998. I was 17. Endo is a
disease with no cure. They don't even know what
causes it. The same material that lines the uterus is
growing outside in other places, such as the outside
of the uterus, the ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder,
bowels, etc. It still acts as if it were inside the
uterus, so it bleeds every month, but it can not exit
the body, so it causes pain and adhesions. The only
way to diagnose and treat endo is through a
laparoscopy. I have had 3 laparoscopies for endo in 4
years. My 3rd surgery was on June 20, 2002. I am
hoping that will be my last surgery, but no matter how
many times you have the endo removed, it can always
grow back. I'll be 21 on July 24th, and for the past
four years, I have lived in pain every day. I am
determined not to let this disease get the best of me.
I am a junior in college, majoring in Early Childhood
Education and English. Despite all the pain and
having to miss days of school, I had a 3.33 gpa this
semester, and a 3.13 cumulative. Endo is a disease
with no visible symptoms, and sometimes it is hard for
people to believe that I am really sick. I have had
people tell me that I'm faking the pain to get
attention. The LAST thing I want when I'm in pain is
attention!!! I am very lucky to have a wonderful
fiance who never complains about taking care of me
when I'm in pain.

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