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Ya-Ya Sisters!!!


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Ashley the Queen

The book The Divine Secrets of The Ya Ya Sisterhood truly inspired and touched me. All my life I've looked for that deep sense of friendship as shared in the book. I think in life women are some times the best friends you can have. They're so warm, loving, and we can be completely honest with one another without all the hurt and "beating around the bush".

For most of my teen years I was practically obsessed with relationships and "finding some one special". In the end I realized that was not really THAT important in life, it was the friendships you've made. Friendships generally last a lot longer than most relationships. I've learned that I have to be around people who can boost my self esteem, not belittle me or try to out do me. I've had plenty of bad experience with that.

I've been through a lot in my life, battling with weight, low self esteem and depression. And the friends that I have made have been friends that have loved me regardless of anything else. I constantly yearn for those type of friendships. To have friends that will be there through thick and thin. Who I can call crying at
2:00 in the morning if a pet has died or I had a bad day at work. Those are always the best friendships.

I'm engaged to a wonderful man but I make sure now that I make time for myself and don't let myself get completely wrapped up in our relationship or "his needs". I'm a poet and some day hope to publish a collection of my work. I also enjoy writing short stories, long letters, song lyrics and anything else that comes to mind. I'm a big fan of reading. I'm obsessed with books. Other loves I have: nature, animals, all religions, movies, music, arts and crafts and photography.